About Travel & Do..

Emphasis on "Responsible Travelling"

We are a group of people with applied knowledge on natural and responsible ways of living, willing and able to offer our expertise to enrich your holidays in Greece with all possible kinds of creative activities, like: Permaculture applications, holistic self-healing techniques, eco-activities in nature, expressive arts, Greek cultural activities and much more.

Travel & Do has also teamed up with a travel agency in order to professionally provide all the necessary travel services to its international customers.

We are committed to a sustainable, non-destructive form of tourism, which respects and promotes the environmental wealth and the cultural heritage of Greece.

Our mission as a Greek travel company

Our general aim is to ensure that our holiday packages will benefit the Greek communities and people, as we fully appreciate the economic, social and environmental impact of tourist visits on local areas.
All of our eco-friendly travel services are based on, and further promote, sustainability, fair-trade & social awareness, without the side-effect of exploiting human, natural or social resources.

Within the framework of these principles, our specific goal is to offer you joyful and meaningful travel in such a way that you will return home with feelings for the people and teachers you have met, the friends you have made and from the experiences we have co-created.

Environmental Preservation and Social Responsibility commitments

Travel & Do supports, as of 2009, the preservation of the environment of the Mediterranean Sea, by offering a percentage of its annual profit to the NGO Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, so it can continue its valuable work. Our travel customers are given the opportunity to actively participate in, or financially contribute to, Archelon or other local community projects.

The "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) of Travel & Do is certified by the independent European non-profit organization TourCert.

Tourism enterprises using this label have examined their business practices according to certain sustainability criteria. They have applied and evaluated quantitative and qualitative environmental and social criteria. The companies have written a sustainability report according to the standards of TourCert and have committed to continuously improving their sustainability performance.

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