Thank you for sharing your holidays with us!

"After 5 years in this service, we still always have a great time introducing you, our respected guests, to our land, the way we ourselves re-discover it every year. Our passion about our land and its culture shape carefully selected propositions, resulting to recommendations, return bookings and mostly important for us to your deep appreciation for your memorable holiday experience, expressed through your letters and gifts.

We will continue to be here for you and your friends with new ideas and responsible meaningful activities, which are the very core of our holiday plans.
Our content evolves as a result of our way of life, the friends we make and our own evolution. We don't sell travel, we live it! Sharing this with you, just makes it more challenging and fun!"

On behalf of the Travel & Do team,

Yannis Sampsonidis
Founder and general manager of Travel & Do

As a return-customer you are entitled to a 5% discount, just by sharing your testimonial under "Post a Comment" below, describing in short why you decided to book with us again.


Great content and a thoughtful service made our holiday unforgettable. We have booked with you again this year.
Andrea Johannsen and family, Denmark (Return Customer)

With Travel&Do I finally experienced Greece in the way I always dreamed to.
J.S., Israel

Our group had a great time and enjoyed the many surprises outside the customized plan we had ordered for!
Carry Smith, Virginia, U.S.A.

Recommended!!! The definition of a tailor-made holiday!
Chris, Canada

Amazing how important good service is, I had forgotten it. Thanks for reminding me how one may enjoy life without spending a fortune!
Elizabeth Green, U.K.

Not only every word, every picture and every promise in your website turned out to be true, but you magically led everyone in our group to really connect with each other. Thanks for the invaluable experience!
Jane, Netherlands

First time I couldn't think of any improvement advises when completing your questionnaire at the end of our trip. How on earth do you achieve such a connection with your groups???
Wayne Jones, Australia

Congratulations! I recommended your agency to many friends. I believe nothing else needs to be said...
Johannes Wagner, Austria

Bella Grecia! Made more beautiful under your guidance and excellent service.
Maria Forzutti, Italy

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